I am Chris Couch, owner of Chris Couch Golf Instructions. For as far back as my childhood, golf has been a big part of my life. It's a game that I love. I played during my high school days and professionally as part of the PGA. I truly believe that if you've never played golf, you're missing out on a wonderful pleasure. I can't even explain how great the game is. 

If you know any golfers, you know that they rarely miss an opportunity to play. When I retired from playing professionally, I knew that I still wanted to be involved in the game, that's why I started coaching and I love it. I enjoy giving beginner golf lessons to the person just starting out. To see them go from uncertain to adoring the game brings me so much happiness. I also like it when someone who knows how to play comes to me so they can improve. When they use my golf swing tips to hit the ball better, you can see the look of pride on their face. 

Thanks to the support of my wonderful family, and my faith, I've had a long, and successful career and I am blessed to be able to continue doing what I love by providing these lessons. Whether you are looking for beginner golf lessons, golf swing tips, on course instruction, or junior instruction, just give me a call, or book your lessons on the website. You can access my site at chriscouchgolf.com. From the site, you can also read about the success that my students have achieved. I've coached many golfers in Clermont, FL, Ocoee, Windermere, and surrounding areas. I can coach you too. You just need to take that first step and reach out to me. 

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